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Special-Purpose Loading Pumps

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C-Pumps/Manure Loading Pumps

C-Pumps/Manure Loading Pumps

C-Pumps/ Manure Loading Pumps

Jamesway Centrifugal Pumps (C-Pumps) are versatile, compact and reliable workhorses. These pumps are used in a wide variety of applications, including:

• Under-floor recirculation of hog barns;
• Transfer of manure to storage;
• Manure tanker loading;
• Charging of drag-hose pressure pump;
• Nurse tank / Frac tank load out.

The 20” diameter impeller model produces 1,700 GPM at 80 HP PTO, while the 28” diameter impeller produces 2,500 GPM at 100 HP. Both models are available  with a 3-Point Hitch mount and a Trailer mount. As with all Jamesway pumps, the C-Pump impeller blade and housing are made from T-1 steel for long life. The drive shaft bearings run in an oilbath protected by 5 greaseable seals. The 6” diameter suction hose quick-couples onto the inlet, which is equipped with an internal flapper check valve. The discharge quiick-coupler may be attached to a bipod pipe or to a load tanker for tanker loading.

Jamesway offers a wide variety of fittings and accessories to adapt fit your application.

Floating Pumps

Floating Pumps

Jamesway Floating Pump

The Jamesway electric FLOATING PUMP is available in two models: use the 40 HP model to directly flush the floors in large dairies, or use the 10 HP model to recharge a flush system holding tower. The heavy duty motor mount and main beam are based on the highly successful Jamesway family of vertical electric pumps. Designed to operate with minimal maintenance, the triple sealed lower bearing is located safely above the manure level.

The 40 HP model of Jamesway FLOATING PUMP has a 20” diameter impeller, offering important advantages over competitive 16” models. The larger impeller produces comparable volume and head pressure while operating at lower RPM’s, resulting in longer life for the bearings and seals. The larger inlet diameter also means less problems ingesting debris. 

Some jobs don’t need the big flow produced by the 40 hp model...when refilling flush towers or transfering liquids to sand separators, select the 10 HP model with 12” diameter impeller. The pump may be smaller but it is equipped with all same heavy duty features found on the 40 HP model.

An on-board hoist tilts the pump for easy service and the high quality raft deck provides a stable platform for the pump. The fiberglass shield is rustproof, providing safety for you while protecting the drive from weather.

Flush Pumps/ Transfer-Only Manure Pumps

Flush Pumps/ Transfer-Only Manure Pumps

Jamesway offers a variety of pumps for special applications such as floor flushing, transfer of separated liquids and tanker loading. While the discharge of these pumps does not include any agitation ports, they use the same heavy duty construction found in all Jamesway pumps. Features like the oilbath lower bearing chamber and remote greasing on the lower seals provide long life.  Choose from a 6” or 8” discharge, a 4 ft to 16 ft pit depths and 7.5 to 100 HP models. Jamesway offers a wide selection of valves, fittings and adapters to suit your needs.



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