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Truck-Mounted Manure Tankers

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Truck-Mounted Liquid Spreaders

Truck-Mounted Liquid Spreaders

Jamesway Truck–Mounted Liquid Manure Spreaders are designed for rugged dependable performance with minimum maintenance. Jamesway’s full line of truck–mounted spreaders are built for the hauling requirements of today’s large farm and custom operators. They are loaded with features that make them convenient to operate and easy to service.

Standard features Include:

  • 4 standard sizes: 3600, 4100, 4600 and 5100 US gallon
  • Hydraulic motor drive on pump
  • 1/4” alloy steel tank construction
  • Front or rear mounted impeller
  • Hinged impeller door
  • MT-Series high capacity impeller
  • 6” top/rear discharge port
  • Anti- surge baffles
  • Top access ladder on drivers side
  • Top non-skid surface
  • Fenders and mud-guards are standard equipemnt
  • Truck mounting brackets and hardware
  • 32” square fill hatch with safety grid
  • Front & rear empty/fill indicator
  • Low profile tank design for maximum visibility and stability

Options Features Include

  • LED signal light kit
  • In-tank agitation jet with hydraulic valve.
  • Hydraulic hopper/air-hopper
  • Low spray nozzle
  • Transfer fill pipe arm
  • Anti-siphon pipe
  • 2-way diverter valve kit



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