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Steerable Manure Tankers



Steerable tankers have many advantages over non-steerable tankers. During cornering, the front tires of non-steerable tankers must skid sideways, while Jamesway Steerable Manure Tankers turn the wheels into the corner resulting in easy, natural turning. This means that the steering system not only reduces tire wear and strain on the axles, it also reduces road and field damage. Steering also minimizes the "jackknife" force on the tractor during cornering so Jamesway’s high-speed steering system helps make road travel safer. The fully automatic system needs no operator input and the extremely simple construction of Jamesway’s Mechanical Steering is easy-to-maintain.
All Jamesway Manure Tankers are loaded with features to make the job easier and safer... front and rear fill indicators, front ladder, non-skid top walkway, super-duty discharge elbow and long-lasting LED Signal Lights are all standard equipment. The impeller blade and housing are made of T1 steel for long life, while the swing-open front door makes cleaning or servicing easy. The reliable oil-bath bearing assembly on the impeller is protected by 5 seals, providing trouble-free operation.


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