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Manure Auger

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Manure Auger

Manure Auger

The 12” diameter Manure Auger is ideal for fast loading of semi-solid manure. 

  • Stack separated manure solids
  • Load V-spreaders with sloppy manure
  • Works at steeper angles than barn cleaners or conveyors

The covered U-trough auger features a UHD polymer bottom bearing for low maintenance.  Standard lengths from 14 to 24 feet handle most applications, other lengths are available by request.  Options include UHMW liner for added life, and a flow control inlet door (recommended to prevent overloading in surge-fed applications such as tractor-scraped barns)



  • Heavy duty trough -3/16” steel
  • 1/4” flighting, 12”ø x 9” pitch welded to 3,5” o.d. heavy duty tube
  • Removable U-shaped cover to control back flow of slurries and allow quick access  to the auger
  • Bottom bearing made of ultra high density polymer
  • Double V-belt and #60 chain reduction drive
  • Motor mount at 6’6” from the drive end:
    • Less room needed at the top end for inside   installation
    • Easier access to motor and V-belts
    • Better balance of the machine



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