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Cross Manure Gutter Cleaners

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Gutter Cat Gutter Cleaner

Gutter Cat Gutter Cleaner

The Sand Specialist

The Gutter Cat collects manure from the alley scraper system and delivers it to the transfer pump or reception pit. On the forward stroke, the scraper box pushes manure to the end of the gutter. On the return stroke, the back wall of the scraper box lifts over the manure in the gutter. The proven Alley Cat™ drive unit easily powers the Gutter Cat System, and the heavy duty scraper box is built for the demands of sand laden manure.


B15/16 Cross Gutter Cleaner

B15/16 Cross Gutter Cleaner

The Jamesway B15/16 Cross Gutter Chain Cleaner is a simple and efficient system for collecting manure from the alley scraper system. These systems produce a controlled and even flow of manure into the transfer pump. In most cases the curb separating the loaded and return chains is kept low, allowing manure to fill both gutters so that the gutters can be reasonably shallow while still offering good holding capacity.

Jamesway offers several models of chain to fit the 18” wide gutters. Choose from the rugged 7/8” logging chain or either model of pintle (flat) chain for this application. The 12” diameter 180° wheel at the idler end is built for heavy duty use and is easy to service.

The 15/16 Cross gutter drive unit shares many of the features that are found on Jamesway 15/16 barn cleaners...automatic belt tightener, automatic reset clutch protection, modular design for easy service and massive construction that puts metal where it matters. Unlike a regular barn cleaner, the 15/16 Cross Gutter drive unit includes an elevated base that keeps the drive sprockets and motor high and dry...an important feature that means it is safe for you to fill the gutter to maximum capacity.



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