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Alley Scrapers

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Manure Systems Accessories

Manure Systems Accessories

Jamesway accessories make sure the job is done right, resulting in improved safety for animals and people as well as improved longevity for the equipment. These accessories make proper planning and installation easy so your contractor can get it right the first time. Jamesway will also work with your barn planner to ensure all details are on the concrete plan before work starts. Better performance, better safety and a better looking barn make Jamesway Accessories and Jamesway Planning an easy choice.

Floor Track for Alley Cat Cable Scrapers:
This track forms a 1” wide x 1.5” deep groove in the center of the alley. Cables operating in a steel track enjoy substantially longer life than cables running on concrete floors. The steel floor of the track is much less abrasive than concrete floors, resulting in less cable wear. The groove also protects the cable from damage by skidsteer loaders or other equipment that may drive in the alley to replenish bedding, and animals are not endangered by sharp cable strands found on worn steel (or stainless steel) cables.

Any steel floor track needs two properties to ensure these benefits: it must be strong, so it does not wear out, and it must be absolutely straight. Jamesway floor tracks guarantee both...the double tee profile is extremely rigid and the ¼” thick steel will last. These tracks are installed before the main alley floor is poured and provide a guaranteed straight & graded line for the concrete contractor to screed against, making perfect results easy. Jamesway planning also explains how to prepare the ends of the alleys, how to prepare the manure cross gutters and how to position the drive units.

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Floor Track for Dura-Chain Scrapers:
Dura-Chain may be run on top of the floor or in a groove. The groove for Dura-Chain may be formed in the concrete (as shown in Jamesway Planning) but when using sand bedding it is preferable to protect the concrete from wear. Jamesway floor tracks for Dura-Chain feature ½” thick floors, made from Abrasion-Resistant steel. Massive thickness and extra hardness are the best defences against sand abrasion, and these tracks deliver both in spades.

Cross Gutter Covers:
These modular covers are built to withstand skidsteer and tractor traffic, while providing a clean and safe area at the manure gutter. Scraper blades can travel over the covers and the 9” wide drop slot lets manure fall into the gutter. These 12” or 18” wide segments make removal easy. Made from reinforced ¼” thick checkerplate steel, they are built to last.

Use the 30”wide covers for the Shuttle-Stroke Cross Gutter Cleaner and the 42” covers for Gutter-Cat Cross Gutter or B15/16 Chain Cross Gutter.



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