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Jamesway - Agricultural machinery manufacturer

Jamesway Farm Equipment is located in St. Francois-Xavier, Quebec, Canada. The 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility is conveniently located on Autoroute 55 and serves as the distribution point for the eastern half of North America and for all export markets. When repair parts are needed, time is crucial so in addition to the huge inventory at the factory, Jamesway also operates a warehouse / distribution center in Tomah, Wisconsin. Opened in 2007, this center provides fast delivery to the US Midwest and Western markets.

Jamesway Farm Equipment

Jamesway factory tours are available for agricultural groups. Livestock groups such as county dairy or swine producers associations, Purebred Clubs, Elite Producers, LHO Club, etc are always welcome by appointment during business hours. We also extend a warm welcome to the next generation of producers: tours for 4-H Clubs, Junior Farmers, FFA and any other “young farmers” groups can also be arranged. Contact your local Dealer or Jamesway head office to book your group tour. info@jameswayfarmeq.com

Not part of a group? Of course we always welcome our customers (and future customers!). Contact your Dealer to check on availability, Dealers may arrange tours for the producers in their area. 

A long history of Agricultural machinery innovation:

Agricultural machinery innovationIn 1903 in a small blacksmith shop on a dairy farm in Wales Wisconsin, William James built an adjustable cow stall featuring a rotating stanchion. The stanchion allowed the cow to turn her head and also aligned her with the manure gutter for greater sanitation. The president of Kent Manufacturing in Fort Atkinson recognized the value of this invention and quickly invited Mr. James to join his firm. In 1906 W. D. James moved to Fort Atkinson, a city he described as the "center of the dairy world."

The stanchion was a great success and Kent's sales increased nearly 30% every year. Soon their small plant on South Water Street took up the entire block where the Fort Atkinson Fire and Police Departments are today. In 1912 the company changed its name to the James Manufacturing Company and the "James Way" slogan became synonymous with quality farm equipment.

For more agricultural farming history visit these sites:

     www.hoardmuseum.org      http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924051998791#page/n0/mode/2up



Product Development:

Some great suggestions for new products and product improvements come from our customers. So what happens next?


Farm equipment
Market Analysis
Determine the needs. Is there a demand? Who would use the product? What range of sizes and options are needed? What features do buyers want?


Farm equipment manufacturing
The fun stuff! Converting the “wish list” into a product design that surpasses the demands of our users often involves some imagination and a lot of “what if’s”. Input comes from many sources, often including several of our heavy duty customers.

Farm equipment design
Product Design
The first version of the new product has been designed, assembled and tested... all before any steel is cut!! Using advanced 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, every single part is modeled and then “assembled” on the computer into a complete machine, allowing designers to test the fit of components. The assembled design can then be stress tested using Finite Element Analysis to ensure the machine will stand up to heavy use.

Prototype Testing
Finally we get to see the real product. Prototypes of subassemblies and then complete machines are built for “bench” testing. For example, after safety review then a pump impeller design may be tested for output flow, pressure, input torque, vibration and wear resistance.
Field Testing
Prototype units go to work in the real world under the harshest conditions possible. Heavy duty users get to put equipment to the test, and some seem to regard this as a personal challenge! Their feedback and test results are used to refine the product to its final design.

Convert to Production
Every component of the design must be broken down into to the lowest level so every nut, bolt or piece of steel is accounted for. The Purchasing and Engineering people work together to ensure the proper raw materials are sourced while Manufacturing people prepare jigs, fixtures, tooling and procedures to produce the new product. The CAD design system is a big help here, telling CNC production machinery what shapes to cut or bend.

Product Launch
Once the Owner Manuals, brochures and press releases are prepared we are ready to show off our new pride-and-joy. The product can be unveiled to our dealers and then finally displayed at trade shows to you, our customer.



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